Computer Services


Nuetouch Technologies is here to provide quality services at an affordable price. Our focus is for: residential, students and small to medium size businesses. There are so many computers in use today, more than there ever has been. One of our main objectives is to keep money in the consumer(s) pocket while providing these quality services. Residential consumers now have more than one computer in their home, as well as many small to medium size businesses have in there office(s). The cost to maintain these computers systems and their networks can be overwhelming. However, we are here to keep your cost down. Nuetouch Technologies has been around for over ten years in the private sector only, now we are public as well. We serve the following communities: Story County, Polk County, Boone County and Marshall County. All which are in the state of Iowa.



We do not charge by the hour, only by the job. Once again, this keeps money in your pocket, for example: the average cost to restore a computer system is $69.00





Our services include the following but are not limited to:

  • Computer repair
  • DSL Internet configuration
  • Home and business networking
  • Wireless and LAN
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Operating system restoration
  • Computer upgrades
  • And sales of used quality computers at an affordable price with warranty
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App Development

Nuetouch Technologies LLC is adding a new service, mobile app development to our services for our current and new customer base. Tablets and mobile devices are setting the trend for tomorrows technologies. Here at Nuetouch Technologies we are recognizing that transformation. We want to stay   current with new and changing technologies and not behind it. We have new tools and technologies to stay competitive at an affordable price. Currently we have added two new development labs for developing apps for tablets and mobile devices. Linux and Windows based development platforms, which will be used to develop apps for the Android market, and soon, we’ll be adding our Macintosh platform as well. We are excited about this new endeavor, and bringing these technologies to our customers. Currently, we are in our beta stage of development with several different projects, and will soon make our apps available in release versions. Stay with us for future updates.