Does my business need an App?
In todays world of rapidly changing technology, we see in the information age that computers and websites were once the norm for information technology, today, smart phones and tablets are redefining the rules. Smart phones, IPhones, IPads and Android devices are changing that. In a time when one would wait to gain access to a computer to visit a business website for the latest information, is behind us now. All that information can be accessed right from the consumer(s) mobile device or tablet, at the swipe of your finger tip. 

Websites host mostly all the information a business has to offer, from discounts and business hours to location and other services. Today, most businesses and corporations are expanding that technology via their own personal smart phone App, including tablets. It far easier for a business to reach the consumer via an App vs a website. Smart phones and tablets our used more than ever before, thus making it easier for the consumer to keep your business right in the palm of their hand, or in their purse, or perhaps even in the car. Thus, the consumer has direct access to your business, just a touch and a swipe away, in seconds.

Eventually, soon, it'll be the norm for all businesses to have their own App to compete, It is growing at an exceptional rate. Just look around you. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Google, Apple, and many others all have an App. Why? To be closer to the consumer than ever before, thus, if the consumer needs some information at the spur of the moment, there it is. Giving the consumer the leverage to make decisions in seconds. It also is a great and powerful marketing stradgedy as well. The consumer can be in their car, on a bus, in an airplane, and still have access to your business, vs waiting to get to a computer to find out what are the latest specials, store hours....etc. If you want your business to stay competitive and compete, it is essential that your business have an App.

Now, lets ask ourselves, what can an App do for my business? Well, lets look at this from a different perspective.

*Again, stay competitive, If they haven't already, your competitors are more than likely thinking about how to develop an App for their business.

*Stay connected with your customers, Keep them  informed of of daily and weekly specials.

*Provide promotional prices via your App only, thus, they'll keep your App right at their finger tips.

*Provide location and directions for new customers, that have heard about your business via your current customers, via Google maps

*Put your menu, in the app so your customers can see what you have to offer, meals, drinks, happy hour....etc.

*Take surveys from  your customers to improve your customer serveice, products...etc.

*And there's much more..... 
Nuetouch Technologies can provide your business with with all of the above, at a very reasonable rate, there are 3 plans to choose from:




Each has its own benefits depending on your needs. Our rep will consult with you in detail as to what works best for your business.We'll design  a plan at an affordable rate with the quality you'd expect. No contracts, if you choose to terminate our services for what ever reason, any time,  there are no termination fees.
To view our demo App, click on the link below, more to come.